Movie Review: Lazy Eye (2016)

WATCH!le“I wanted to tell a story from the perspective of the post-marriage equality world we are living in, but one in which the obstacle in the film was not the characters’ sexual orientation.”  –Director, Tim Kirkman.

Lazy Eye was an unembellished film no one will have a problem empathizing with: been there, done that. Kirkman’s storytelling was natural, organic and genuine. Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? Unfortunately, everyone has their own nebulous version of “love”, and that’s where the disillusions lie. No wonder the divorce rate is still hovering at more than 50% (still negligible for gay marriages). The question “What do you want?”, in the film Alex(Aaron Costa Ganis) asks, but Dean(Lucas Near-Verbrugghe) wilfully dodges, usually causes mayhem of a marriage, cause most have no ideas. Furthermore, when we mature, we adjust, and we evolve, our wants change. 

LAZY EYE FESTIVAL TRAILER from T42 Entertainment on Vimeo.

Dean is a graphic designer, and owns a design firm creating promotion materials for film production companies. He seems to be stressed out with work, and one day Dean decides to take a vacay at Joshua Tree. What’s really bothering him is an email from his ex, who disappeared one night 15 years ago. At first Dean is angry, then becomes excited, and finally curious what it would be like if and when they meet again. At the front of the cabana, they hug and passion erupts.


Property: Breaking Glass Pictires

The short-lived fireworks between Dean and Alex turns quickly into confessions, arguments, deceptions, and disillusions. The denouement perhaps is asking Dean: “Is that what you REALLY want?”


Property: Breaking Glass Pictures

This film was not any different from any other films that dealt with rekindling with an ex, just that this was from gay men’s perspective: two thumbs up. Haven’t we had enough of movie dramas from the heterosphere? Lazy Eye certainly brought us a breath of fresh air.

Lazy Eye was full of subtlety and intrigues that you would appreciate, especially, if you had lived through the 80s, and the 90s, you will find a fragment(s) of yourself in this film.

Available on VOD and DVD, November 11 and 15! 


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