Movie Review: Jack Reacher-Never Go Back.



Source: IMDb


I’ll Never go back for sure! I doubt this franchise will survive, unless Jack Reacher goes back being a loner. Although there were numerous disputes about the fictional Reacher being a big beefy ex-military, Tom Cruise’s Reacher managed to pull a rabbit out the hat in Jack Reacher: One Shot (2012). It was exciting to see the character brought to live on big screen, especially for an avid fan of writer Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series.

Cruise’s attitude, cleverness, and calculated moves had me convinced that he was the Jack Reacher. So under that premise, Jack Reacher – Never Go Back shouldn’t disappoint, but it did.

This film is obviously targeted for an international audience using Tom Cruise’s brand to sell tickets. The film looked diluted. None of Child’s stories was this straight-forward! They are always intricate, humourous, and intelligence; none was found in this film.

As far as I remember, Reacher beds every woman he is interested in, and women love him for his huskiness : 6’5″ , 250lbs. This inspired film was way too family oriented: sanitized. Major. Turner (Cobie Smulders) and Samantha(Danika Yarosh) were such distraction for Reacher to do his job: all in the name of Feminism.

In a nutshell, Never Go Back had been another action film that cared about the fight sequences then a developed story: what kind of mercenary, the Hunter(Patrick Heusinger), failed all assignments?


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