Movie Review: Morgan (2016)




Morgan (2016) was a failed project suffering the same ill-fate of the defunct L6 project in the film. The denouement ascertained my conclusion that this was nothing but a mishmash sci-fi film with no horrors, no thrills, and no mysteries. Instead, it was filled with morsels of other films in theme and actions.

One of such films is Splice(2009)which is far more plausible with its scientific facts, logical progression, and scare factors. Even Species, a B-movie, would have scored better because of its originality and tight rhythm in: Morgan has a slow burn pace. Another déjà vu was the film used the same voyeuristic glassed domicile, Ava occupied in Ex-Machina (2015), for Morgan(Anya Taylor-Joy)..and I can go on and on.

There was no problems with the cinematography, the direction and the performances; it’s the script that killed it. The ending act brought no surprise, nor empathy, but sadly just an eye-rolling moment: Terminator 2 (T2)? seriously.

A big corporation is sending their best, Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), to evaluate the risk of the company’s latest development L6 model: a risk-management consultant. This is because there was an accident happened on the premise. She arrives at an isolated no-where land with a hugh manor where the scientists and employees have resided for more than 5 years. The head researcher is Dr. Zeigler(Toby Jones), who had brought life to a GMH (genetical modified human) after at least two previous failed trials. He is proud of his creation, and dying for recognition from the Corporation: the cliché that I am God.

Everyone has treated Morgan as their “kid” after she/it was born. Among them, Dr. Grieff(Jennifer Jason Leigh) was the one who got stab by Morgan, and is now bed-resting. Dr. Cheng (Michelle Yeoh) is the lead researcher of the team, i.e., the boss. Amy(Rose Leslie), who doesn’t like anyone has developed a strong  bond with Morgan; she wants Morgan to develop her own identity and be free like other humans. Then there is a redneck cook, Skip(Boyd Holbrook), who is there for the sole reason to create a tiny bit of tension between Lee and he.(He has a purpose in the film…a little clue.)

The next day Morgan is waiting for her psych. evaluation after the incident. Dr. Shapiro(Paul Giamatti) wants to do a face-to-face Q & A, and obviously that makes everyone nervous. He wins, and he goes in the isolated chamber sitting directly against Morgan: dah! clearly he’s victim #1. Dr. Shapiro is pushing hard so that Morgan will show her true nature. He asks for it, and she goes for his jugular to stop the interrogation.

If the film had spent more time examining Morgan cognitive developments, and cut out the horror, and unnecessary killings crap, this would have certainly be a better film. But as is now, it is just another experiment-gone-wrong sci-fi film.



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