Movie Review: Jason Bourne(2016)



source: IMDb

It seems the only reason to have this film made was to reboot the franchise and had Matt Damon resumed his role as Bourne. Otherwise, I was at a lost watching this actions packed film that didn’t really have a story to tell; the special effects: ip tracking, fighting and car chasing, could have been used for any films or TV shows.

Jason Bourne is in Greece, and earns his living cockfighting(UFC style). That’s until Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), Bourne’s old pal, forces him to learn about his past, but before long she is sniped. While in US, inside the CIA headquarter, Millennial Helen Lee(Alicia Vikander) can hack into anything and anywhere in the world getting HD quality real life feeds, so that they can track Parsons, and eventually Bourne. The old guard, CIA Director Robert Dewey(Tommy Lee Jones) wants to end Bourne’s legacy once and for all. He calls his personal asset to eliminate Parsons and Bourne.

Firstly, it had been awhile since I saw Damon’s Bourne’s trilogy, so I vaguely remember where he was at with Bourne’s Ultimatum (2007). Although it was good not to have too many interfering flashbacks, it was hard to relate back to Bourne. And don’t expect the inserted new character, Helen Lee will bring us any closer to Bourne: sorry, no love story here. (if Lee is guy, it would come out the same.) Oh, please explain to me why Helen is wearing a $2 hair-clip?

In effect, there was no love, no characters to empathize, and no reason to have adrenaline flowing. I admit those actions scenes were good to look at, but they were nothing short of the usual lobotomized sequences: fist fights, gun fights, running, car chases, destroy, destroy, destroy…

It you are an actions purist, by all mean watch it. Otherwise, two hours and three minutes are all yours to do something else: re-watch the trilogy instead?!



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