Movie Review: Unbreakable (2000)



By now you probably have figured out that Unbreakable(2000) is a prequel to Split(2016); the giveaway was at the denouement, when characters concatenated to form a series. At that moment, I knew I needed to watch Unbreakable(2000) to get a better understanding of a united theme director,  M. Night Shyamalan, was telling us. 

Essentially Unbreakable(2000) was a film that suggested there were superheroes among us, and like anyone else he had a job, a family and a daily routine. They usually didn’t recognize their superpower until it emerged, e.g. in a dire situation.

David Dunn(Bruce Willis) is the sole survivor of a train wreck that killed 138 people. His doctor is flabbergasted that anyone can walk away unharmed. Dunn becomes the head-line celebrity; Elijah Price(Samuel L. Jackson), a gallery owner with a moniker of Mr. Glass: (his bones cannot withhold pressure) wants to meet the sole survivor. He wants to confirm  that Dunn has superpower.

Dunn, a security guard,  has marital problems and is trying to mend his family: wife Audrey (Robin Wright) and son Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark). He goes into depression after the train wreck: survivor guilt.

Dunn and Price forge a friendship after understanding each of their uniqueness. However, in a balanced universe, dualism maintains this equilibrium: a hero and his nemesis, a villain. This is exactly what comic books are about.

Unfortunately, the sombre, depressive, suicidal look of Dunn lasted too long, and it became a drag. Without Split(2016) to make the connection, I wouldn’t have watched it, like when it was out 16 years ago!


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