Movie Review: The Invitation (2015)

Source: IMDb

While we may prefer a film using deduction to develop its narrative, The Invitation used induction instead. Where one would write the ending first and worked backwards to conjure a story. Hence, only the last zoomed out scene mattered. But, the end didn’t justify the means, and our lost minutes. For one, none of the characters tugged you in their darkest realm, nor at a levitated goodness. Worse it made all the suspenses looked calculated. (Don’t wait for a AHA!)

Most of the cast were unknowns.Logan Marshall-Green was likely the only recognizable actor; he played Charlie Holloway, the archaeologist, in Prometheus(2014).

A group of friends hadn’t seen each other for over two years after a spooky accident killed Will’s (Logan Marshall-Green) son at a family BBQ. The guilt decimates his marriage to Eden (Tammy Blanchard), and alienates their friends.

Life goes on and unwittingly Will received an invitation to Eden’s for a reunion with the friends. He accepted. While Will is driving up to Eden’s house, an argument with his new girlfriend, Kira (Emayatzy Corinealdi) causes them throwing a coyote under the hood, trapping it under a wheel half-dead. Will believes the humane thing to do is to put it out of its misery: a car wrench; some whining; then silence.(Hmmm….) They are back on their way.

Everyone has arrived by the time they get there. After some chitchats, Will sees Eden for the first time after their divorce and things start to get weird. Will has always been skeptical of the invitation, and now seeing Eden being back on her feet joking and laughing as if nothing had happened two years ago, it just increases his suspicion to the point of paranoia. 

Two outsiders, (Sadie) Lindsay Burdge, Pruitt(John Carroll Lynch), and Eden’s new hubby, David (Michiel Huisman) join the group for dinner. Before dinner they watch a homemade video showing a group they (Will, Sadie, David, and Pruitt) attended at a retreat in Mexico. The content shocks everyone…

A much better movie about a group of old lost friends’ reunion is in Spanish calls  FIN/The End (2002).   Now that’s a true casse-têtes chinoise!




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