Movie Review: Knock Knock (2016)



source: IMDb

Knock knock! who’s there?

Two young girls soaking wet coming in from pouring rain at your house’s threshold, do you let them in to dry up?

Evan(Keanu Reeves) had to make a split second choice, and he did after much hesitation. So he let them, Genesis(Lorenza Izzo) and Bell( Ana de Armasin, and it was game over, a total KO. All you think could that happen?

The setup was that Evan’s two weeks stewing balls were full, specifically mentioned, and his wife, Karen(Ignacia Allamand), wasn’t able to drain them before she went away to the beach with their kids.  So I guess he was guilty after all, cause he was horny, and two young things just dropped down and in from heaven. Did he have a decent chance to say NO?


Knock knock is a story about two “innocent” girls turning into femmes fatales and destroyed Evan’s house and marriage.

My question are, a) how did they pick Evan’s house: random or surveyed?  b) why didn’t Evan use his landline to call someone? c) why Evan allowed himself to get to the point of no return? d) Who were these two girls? didn’t they have families?

No answers needed was the answer, cause it was another home invasion film with no rhyme or reason, and Reeves was there to sell more seats. But if you like a non sensical, house trashing and trashy light-porn, go for it!

Moreover, if you really want to see a role reversal thriller: female-male sexual assaults,  Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson ‘s 2005 thriller Hard Candy is way more plausible and thrilling. Oh, remember to guard your family jewels! 


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