Movie Review: The Crying Game (1992)




The Crying Game is one of those film with a climatic snake-in-a-can moment that no one can unseen. Unfortunately, that shocking scene has pigeonholed the film. But, it spoke to a deeper allegory of human relationships and loyalty. On top, The Crying Game made Tammy Wynette relevant again with Stand by Your Man –  a gay mens’ anthem used for its closing credits. Boy George made it into a big hit, and the stinky fable about a scorpion and a frog has turned into a classic tale of human innate persona: good and/or bad. That’s quite a list of contributions to bipolar years of the 90’s: Fun & Scare.

The story takes place in the era of conflicts between The Provisional IRA and the British army.  Jody, a soldier, is kinapped by a handful of the IRA rebels asking for ransom. Fergus, the conscientious one, develops a friendship with Jody. He shows Fergus a picture of him and his love, Dil. Jody never makes it back, and Fergus is obsessed or committed to find Dil, and to take care of her: a promise made with Jody.

Fergus’s persistent finally wins over Dil, but his past and guilt are catching up with reality quickly.

Without the surprise, gripping acting, and it would have been another film about terrorists with love and jealousy mélanged in the plot rendered it a Guinness with no head.

It’s refreshing to see a film with humanity.


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