Lesbianism? The Handmaiden (2016)




Don’t confuse this with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (film and TV movie) even though it might sound similar. This is from the acclaimed South Korea’s director Park Chan-wook, whose best known film Old Boy (2003) is now a Hollywood’s remake that retains most of his trademark violence and gore. But if you are unfamiliar with Chan-wook’s accolades, you should pick his American directorial debut Stoker (2013) as an avant-goût to savour his talent as director/ writer. Chan-wook is a post-modern feminist that transcends his heroines who use femininity and intelligence for their vengeance of the draconian and oppressive patriarch.

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The Handmadien was a cinematic orgasm with meticulous colour palette selections, a winding secretive milieu noir, and the grandeur of a castle resided on a reclusive acres of land. A setup perfect for a mystery thriller, and then some …

There were a lot of details in the film that crossed among generations, leaped above societal norms and simmered in human sexual deviance. At its end, a testimonial of wicked desire that wavered the decency of man, especially those who were priviliged.

By now, most who heard of the film knew that lesbianism is one of the important themes of the story, but don’t let that be your sole purpose of watching it. The Handmadien has so much more to offer with its twists and turns that you crave for a second viewing…


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