Wünderbar nicht! WonderWoman(2017)

WATCH!source: IMDb
Source: IMDb

Undeniably Gal Gabot owned the movie, she was everything we wanted to see in Wonder Woman. However, Chris Pine was struggling to side up to Gabot; he played Captain Trevor. In the movie Gabot and Pine, to me, just didn’t exceberate the je ne sais pas quoi. At times, I found Pine annoying to watch, this might have been of the fact that the script was limited in range for Pine. Case in point, Trevor kept badgering Diana, when he knew full well the power Wonder Woman had. Yet, he constantly insisted to be the protector of Diana and the savior of humankind (sexist or gentlemanly?) or acted as a petulant child: mamie, mamie, let me, … let me do it!

Although reviews had been positive posited a DC Universe comics did right, I argue that it missed a wow factor: holy s**t, did u see that?! In fairness some scenes were impressive, but humors would depend on the eyes of its beholders.

In Baudrillard’s simulacrum,  I saw facsimiles of other movies’ DNAs: Valkyrie, Casablanca, 300…originality has become a rarity, hasn’t it?!





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