Null & Void: Alien: Covenant (2017)



Such a let down from the previous post-modern existential film Prometheus! Perhaps, Ridley Scott wants to make this an amphibious Alien film: for its die-hard fans, and for a new generation of audiences. On the one hand he attracts fans waiting for a sequel to Prometheus, and on the other’s those seeing this film franchise for the first time: chapter 1. Regardless, it’s a shame to call Alien: Covenant a sequel to Prometheus, and it was hardly a prequel to Alien neither (maybe a premature comment; will have to see the sequel.)

Despite Scott’s beautiful visionaries of outer space, planets, spacecraft, ship-bridge, …and its incredible scores that one expected, the story had no glue, and the characters had no characters: thank god, two more crew members to kill and the film would end. The major problem was most action sequences had been annihilated by the trailers! Although there was an attempt to be cerebral with a theme of creation and stuff, it failed to give deep meanings to either. It ended with some du jour discourse of AI intelligence and human intellect, humans controlled by AI, and AI rules the future.

In essence this film was a morphological study of the Xenomorphs genesis, in totality, and how they evolved to be the “perfect being” in their creator’s vision: a non-destructible being that shared one common trait: kill other faunas. Whether this was for hunger, for survival, for showmanship, or…who knows? As for the crew, I have two words – who cared? they’re dispensable.

One reason to watch this is to find all the easter eggs that refer to past episodes of the Alien franchise: scenes, tones, and visuals. For that only it will make time go faster.

As for those who haven’t seen an Alien film before, it may give you a jaw-dropping experience. There are some new gruesome stuff there.

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