SKIP! Gibberish: The Mummy (2017)



It was going really well until Jenny(Annabelle Wallis) showed up and from there it went down to the tomb! punk intended. If Vail(Jake Johnson ) and Nick(Tom Cruise) were left as the odd couple, it would have been so much better. True to Hollywood tradition, a heterosexual love relationship must be inserted, and especially for a summer blockbuster. Unfortunately, between Wallis and Cruise, there was no trace of interests at all let alone attractions. As Jenny put it: didn’t last for 15 seconds. In other words, even if the romance subplot between Nick and Jenny had been ignored, the film would still be alright. 

Then there came Dr. Jekyll(Russell Crowe)… what? because he could tie to London: main location in Act II & III? or there lacked a better character to include into the plot? or was it a hint that there would be a Dr.Jekyll spin-off? Likely, it is the latter. Regardless, I will say Crowe had already been in several devil roles in other films, so it wasn’t anything new that we hadn’t seen before. 

As for Ahmanet(Sofia Boutella), she should demand more pretty shots. The director and his storytelling seem to have put her in a supporting CGI role, while she should have been the lead. It would have been more natural if the love relationship were between Ahmanet and Nick. Instead we had a seek and kill scenario here, which couldn’t be too romantic, could it?

Obviously the film was banking on Cruise’s unswayed audience overseas, and he was good as Nick,  humurous and tough, until the point he was risen from death. At that point, he was sometimes M.I.’s Nathan, other times Jack Reacher and even one scene I thought he was channeling Lestat: Cruise was the real Jekyll and Hyde. Once again, if more of Johnson was scripted in the film, it would have been a perfect use for comic relief. For example, Jack and David in An American Werewolf in London (1981).

There was nothing really memorable after the film was over. Perhaps, if I had watched in 3D it might have been better, but I doubt that. The Mummy (1999) is better, it’s funny and enjoyable.


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