WATCH! Blade Runner 2049 (2017)


source: IMDb

A somber and morbid film with eerie and pungent scores that suck you into a universe of despondent existence. Not only does Blade Runner 2049 seamlessly traverse from the original Blade Runner 2012, it also exacerbates the grimness of an ageing world where the city is only illuminated by gliding police aero-mobiles and colossal 3D and 2D neon-signs. And there is no sunlight.

K (Ryan Gosling) is a Replicant; a Blade-runner who is constantly ridicule for being a “skin” in the LAPD headquarter. But his boss lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright) likes his ability to close cases: to retire old Replicants. K is the best in what he does; however, he leads a depressed life off-duty, and he is in-love with Joi (Ana de Armas) a hologram with full spectrum of emotions, as if she is a spirit attached to K.

K is investigating a case where human bones were found buried under a dead white tree with branches. After the coroner’s examination, K discovers one piece of the bones is encoded with a serial number, and the piece has several carved scalpel marks on it. The shattering discovery has K embarked on a journey to find out where the baby is now located. A journey puts him in an unexpected course that will change him forever.

Director Denis Villeneuve has created a visionary film that screams original, avant-garde, post-modern and futuristic: a masterpiece. There are so many realistic tangible visual objects placed that could very well be gadgets we could buy in a decade: holograms that provoke human’s senses, holographic stage performances, a jukebox conjures a legend singer in a simulacrum.

Toppled the film with brilliant cinematography, scores ride with its tempos, visuals stunt its audience and Villeneuve’s signature crescendo; Blade Runner 2049 is a tour de force that certainly will become one of the best movies in movie history.

In respect of the actors, Ryan Gosling is marvellous! he carries you through his emotional turmoils in spectacular non-verbal nuances of expressions you cannot help but empathise his state of being: you want him to be what he thinks he is.  The blind Mr. Wallace, company owner who creates the newest Nexus models, played by Jared Leto definitely hits all the marks; Leto immerses in the consciousness of Mr. Wallace: self-absorbed, narcissistic, introspective, a God-like creator. In one of the scenes he holds a scalpel approaching a Replicant still glistens in slimy fluids will give you pause…the devil.

Many are afraid of the lengthy 164 mins screen time, don’t! Director Villeneuve  seems purposely pace the film to augment the state of meaningless of K’s existence: find and retire older version Nexus Replicants, whoop-de-do. The film speeds up when a coveted hope descends on Joe (his human name). Trust me, look at the forrest and not the trees, and more importantly this objet d’arts will entertain your mind and soul.

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