WATCH*!: Star Wars:The Last Jedi (2017)



*[So I re-watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and now it makes better sense of what’s going on in The Last Jedi. I found the continuity between the two were clearer than heading to the theater without a refresher. So I changed my review to a WATCH! because of this.]

I am glad that this was the “last” episode of the Star Wars saga, especially for those who had seen episode IV in the 70’s (me). Clearly, this was the beginning of an end as Ben Solo(Adam Driver) said during his fight with Rey(Daisy Ridley). That’s why for some it was a kind of closure when the movie ended: c’mon it was 8 films …(wonder if it will compete with Wagner’s The Ring with the same 4 consecutive days showing.)

By now, most people interested in the film must have read at least one or two of reviews, so there is no point to re-iterate the storyline here: First Order vs. Resistance; people die.

Here are some of the things that may bother you as well:

  1. Injection of jokes! I got it it was to target millennial, but were they really necessary? Perhaps those were more appropriate for episode I, II & III.
  2. I wish the casino scene were included in a director’s cut version instead, so that it would have sped the film along; It was grand to look at hands down. It reminded me of Jar Jar Binks (Ahmed Best) and the underwater scene: grand but hollow. I know it was used as a preview for episode IX, but…
  3. I still have trouble processing what happened to Snoke(Andy Serkis) – the dark-side master: that’s it, dead!? so simple. Why Snoke was helmed in person this time, wasn’t he supposed to be very smart knowing things? only if he used his usual projected big balloon head…too bad.
  4. Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn (John Boyega): awkwwwward inter-racial relationship; but progress nevertheless.
  5. General Hux(Adam Driver) and Kylo (Domhnall Gleeson) – besides the odd-couple comedic effects – where Kylo could have easier killed him but he didn’t: why not? Hux was definitely a nemesis to Kylo…
  6. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill): did he know he had all the symptoms of having major depression? So after all these years, as a Jedi the Force couldn’t help him to meditate, forget and forgive, and from self-blaming: pity.
  7. DJ(Benicio Del Toro), after all the time spent on the lavish scene, and without any crumbs(clues however minute) along he turned out not to be what he was:  another reason that entire casino scene should be annihilated.

Well, it’s over and still not a big fan of the saga; look at the scores: Dark-side (8) vs. Jedi’s Light (0). That’s depressing!



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