Watch: Mission Impossible: Fallout 3D


source: IMDb

Cast: Mission Impossible 6: Fallout

Is there anything new? Yes, the very first 3D production of a franchise that started in 1996. While I haven’t seen the IMAX version, the 3D’s got my seal of approval. It was well choreographed so as not easy to pick out any artificiality

MI:6 is a sequel to 5’s; watching 5 will give you a better sense how the story continues in a world of espionage, double agent, and double double agent. One thing for sure is that the “heroes” remain loyal in carrying out the mission.

Added to Fallout is Walker (Henry Cavill) who works for CIA, and his mission, under director Sloan(Angela Bassett), is to assess if IMF is nothing but some Halloween getups of smoke and mirror, and a bunch of renegades?

Hunt accepts a mission to deliver three palm-size plutonium spheres back to the hands of the CIA. A simple transaction, in Berlin, of cash exchange…But it is made to become complex so that we have a ride out of it. Thankfully, it is an enjoyable ride à la Tom Cruise, and he hasn’t lost his charm yet as Ethan Hunt. Cruise’s Jack Reacher, on the other hand, not so much.

Aside, everyone else stay in characters as they should be. Benji(Simon Pegg), Luther(Bing Rhamed), Llsa(Rebecca Fergueson)…and Julia(Michelle Monaghan). No one stole any spotlight, including the younger and hunkier, Superman, Cavill (what’s with that 60’s tweet jacket, why not with a spiffy Zegna suit?..hmmm) If there is a MI:7, it’s likely Bassett will take over the helm from Baldwin. But who knows? Characters have come back to life all the time, with tricks like time flashback, plastic surgery, clinic on an exotic island, … my guess is no better than anyone else’s.

With Marvel and DC Universe franchises’ fatigue, it is a welcoming change not to see the world blew up over and over. In return, we have something more old-school: fist fights, chases, gun fights, few gotchas … But I will say those cliché car chases in Paris are just a bit of stale croissants: have we not seen it all? (Go watch some movies made by Luc Besson.)

Forget about 2D, you can re-watch it at home, and go for the 3D version. And don’t worry about the plot, it’s more much ado about nothing once the veil has lifted: Lane’s(Sean Harris) fate.


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