Null & Void: Alien: Covenant (2017)

SKIP source:IMDb Such a let down from the previous post-modern existential film Prometheus! Perhaps, Ridley Scott wants to make this an amphibious Alien film: for its die-hard fans, and for a new generation of audiences. On the one hand he attracts fans waiting for a sequel to Prometheus, and on the other’s those seeing this film franchise […]

Wünderbar nicht! WonderWoman(2017)

WATCH! Source: IMDb Undeniably Gal Gabot owned the movie, she was everything we wanted to see in Wonder Woman. However, Chris Pine was struggling to side up to Gabot; he played Captain Trevor. In the movie Gabot and Pine, to me, just didn’t exceberate the je ne sais pas quoi. At times, I found Pine annoying to watch, this […]

Movie Review: The Crying Game (1992)

WATCH! The Crying Game is one of those film with a climatic snake-in-a-can moment that no one can unseen. Unfortunately, that shocking scene has pigeonholed the film. But, it spoke to a deeper allegory of human relationships and loyalty. On top, The Crying Game made Tammy Wynette relevant again with Stand by Your Man –  a gay mens’ anthem – used for its […]

Movie Review: Jason Bourne(2016)

SKIP! It seems the only reason to have this film made was to reboot the franchise and had Matt Damon resumed his role as Bourne. Otherwise, I was at a lost watching this actions packed film that didn’t really have a story to tell; the special effects: ip tracking, fighting and car chasing, could have […]

WATCH: Sicario (2015)

  A SWAT team raided a shed full of corpses buried inside dry walls. Kate Macer(Emily Blunt) the team leader deployed for hostages rescue. It ended with two dead team members when a wired bomb exploded. Kate and partner, Reggie Wayne(Daniel Kaluuya) were summoned to headquarter for debriefing, except they were sitting outside a sound-proofed glass […]

Movie Review: Kingsman (2014)

Kingsman was one of those that most missed out, likely from fatigue of yet another YA spy movie: Agent Cody Banks(2003), Nancy Drew(2007),…or just being one more Young Adult film! It was also released at the height of awards season, where most were getting in line to see nominated films, no doubts. But not all is lost, thanks to […]

Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

Finally I watched 2015 summer blockbuster, Jurassic World(2015). The re-boot of the franchise Jurassic Park(1993) being the first and the most memorable. I went to see the 20th anniversary 3D remastered in 2013, and I liked it a lot. Back then I said the 3D effects were worth the ticket price. It should be the same for Jurassic World, cause […]