Documentary Review: In Country (2014)

**Media materials belong to BOND/360**   “One of the twelve must see documentaries this year,” says Katherine Brooks of the Huffington Post.   “How do you honor the soldiers when you hate the war? Our goal is to tell a provocative story about memory and coping that looks deeply at the veteran experience and complicates […]

TV Movie Review:Game Change(2012)

Spellbound. I was totally immersed in this drama that made Sarah Palin a world-wide celebrity, like it or not. Julianne Moore(Sarah Palin), Woody Harrelson(Steve Schmidt) were at the top of their games. Many times, I thought I was really watching Palin, and Harrelson was so dynamic that I had to find out who the real Schmidt was. Ed […]

Movie Review: W./E.(2011)

 Madonna‘s fairly tale incarnated via the life of Wallis Simpson(Andrea Riseborough) and Prince of Wales, abdicated King Edward VIII (James D’Arcy), in haute mode. Watching this was like flipping through a Vogue, Architectural Digest, a Cartier catalogue,… just as often, no one pays attention to the articles however well-written they are within those glossy pages. In […]

Movie Review: West of Memphis (2012)

A documentary about murders of three 8-year-old boys in one of the towns buried in the Bible-Belt of US. Three naked bodies were found in a shallow swamp; one suggested sexual mutilation, and the other two with brutal knife’s marks on their bodies. It was an usual school night, Wednesday, three kids out playing before […]

Vamps (2012)

Amy Heckerling ‘s nostalgic piece following her 1995’s Clueless. It was also a reunion to bring out some of the actors that had had great performances…in the past. So here is a partial run down: From Clueless, Alicia Silverstone (Goody) , Wallace Shawn (Dr. Van Helsing); Legally Blonde (2011), Meredith Scott Lynn, and really ( […]

My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Sir.Kenneth Branagh himself delivers three marvelous soliloquies while transcending Sir. Laurence Olivier, but who is more fitting for this role other than Branagh? Nonetheless, there is a bit of an irony here perhaps, watching them three: Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark. I mean Michelle Williams has some great roles under her belt, and Eddie Redmayne is certainly up and coming after Les […]