WATCH! Gemini: L’Amant Double (2017)

An enthralling, titillating and thrilling psychological drama that will have audience guessing to the very last minute, or gasping. The denouement, perhaps, is too orderly, but the journey is a kaleidoscope looking at a human mind, a veda-scope expanding views of sexuality and a microscope examining human developments. Et voilà, another puzzling piece written and directed by […]

Movie Review: The Crying Game (1992)

WATCH! The Crying Game is one of those film with a climatic snake-in-a-can moment that no one can unseen. Unfortunately, that shocking scene has pigeonholed the film. But, it spoke to a deeper allegory of human relationships and loyalty. On top, The Crying Game made Tammy Wynette relevant again with Stand by Your Man –  a gay mens’ anthem – used for its […]

Movie Review: The Neon Demon (2016)

SKIP Director Nicolas Winding Refn‘s films have always been well received at Cannes Festival, so The Neon Demon was no exception in the 2016 ceremony. In particular, 16 years old Elle Fanning was still in high school while filming this film. Fanning got lots of press for this film, overshadowing older sister, Dakota Fanning, who has been taking on maturer roles.  […]

MUST WATCH:Mommy (2014)

This will definitely become an art-house classic! The film was surprisingly well thought out; It posed a lot of moral, societal, and familial questions. Wunderkind director Xavier Dolan did not present the film in the usual full-screen; instead, it had two permanent black bars one on either side.  It resembled watching a movie filmed by a smartphone in portrait mode, […]

WATCH: Eye in the Sky(2016)

This has to be the best movie I watched so far in 2016. It was tense, apropos, and intelligent. The film could easily convert to a game simulation, where each participant selects a role for the same engagement. The outcome should be interesting. Technology has changed the old rules of engagement, where time delay could be advantageous, […]

WATCH: The Hunt (2012)

Let me start off saying, ” nothing happens in a vacuum.” Before you cast stones, think if it makes sense. Unfortunately today’s civil society, most judge first and think later, or not thinking at all. The Hunt was based on this premise of judging first, and the story peeled off the unnerving consequences of an innocence […]

WATCH: Sicario (2015)

  A SWAT team raided a shed full of corpses buried inside dry walls. Kate Macer(Emily Blunt) the team leader deployed for hostages rescue. It ended with two dead team members when a wired bomb exploded. Kate and partner, Reggie Wayne(Daniel Kaluuya) were summoned to headquarter for debriefing, except they were sitting outside a sound-proofed glass […]