Lesbianism? The Handmaiden (2016)

WATCH! Don’t confuse this with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (film and TV movie) even though it might sound similar. This is from the acclaimed South Korea’s director Park Chan-wook, whose best known film Old Boy (2003) is now a Hollywood’s remake that retains most of his trademark violence and gore. But if you are unfamiliar with Chan-wook’s accolades, […]

Movie Review: The Secret in their Eyes/El secreto de ses ojos(2009)

2010’s Oscar Best Foreign Film, an Argentine film that has been adapted by Hollywood with the same name, but without “The”. I have no plans to see the Hollywood’s until it hits the DVD rack, cause no way it will stand up to the original. This is one of those films best to watch without […]

Movie Review: 進撃の巨人 前編(Attack on Titan) Part 1

I watched the trailer and immediately fell in love with it. How could you not?  human fighting naked human-like giants that have no genitals, unleashed by skinless anatomical Colossal Titan. These giants have appetite only for living humans.They grab them and mostly swallow whole. The unfortunate ones may have their heads or limbs bitten off. […]

Movie Review: Les Beaux Jours (2013)

Does it mean looking back at the good days or ahead? I am glad it was the latter, it means the film kept melodrama to minimal: no reminiscence. I spoke of Blue is the Warmest Color (2014), a film about coming-of -age, sexual awakening, of a 18 year-old girl. On other end, we have a film of […]

Movie Review: 360 (2013)

Choices and consequences. Fork in the road, do you take it? which way? will you end up in a ring ? The theme was nothing new, as the writer,  Peter Morgan,  pointed out  in the supplemental, he followed the logical connection as if there were an outbreak; in other words, how a person’s action influenced that of […]

Movie Review: Les Infidèles (2012) / The Players (2014)

Balanced sketches of those must cheat in their relationships. Other than making this just one big farce about infidelity, this had eight sketches knitted successfully together, some explored how pathetic their actions could be,  others the danger they might run into, and most just downright funny. This was a project of Jean Dujardin (Oscar winner- The Artist), Gilles Lellouche, […]

Movie Review: Potiche (2010)

A beautiful vase in the early 70s transformed: title translated Trophy Wife. Suzanne Pujol(Catherine Deneuve) is a stay-at-home wife caters to every need her husband demands; she is content with her morning jog, talking to her pals in nature, and writes poems. Robert Pujol(Fabrice Luchini) took over Suzanne’s father family business that makes umbrellas (maybe to reprise the theme […]