Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

I am not sure which is feeding on which. Obviously, the 1939 MGM’s  was the first, but not in 3D, so the new released in IMAX 3D can be said is following the footsteps, in format only, of Oz the Great and Powerful, which was in 3D when it was released. I read the squabbles between MGM and […]

Damsels in Distress (2011)

It seems Whit Stillman, director and writer, is the deal, and you’d watch because of his oeuvres; each one of them was made a decade apart. This is a ha-ha-interesting-witty film that focuses on a bunch of university girls, and the usual school cliques.The most interesting are the lies Violet(Greta Gerwig) tells, and the way she tells them: […]

Les Misérables (2012)

Here we go again with some critics saying that it was not great enough! or you couldn’t possibly compare it to a stage performance… Although there may be some truth to those comments, I will say Les Misérables is probably the best adaptation of musical to film…ever, and I mean there were a lot before: […]

Pitch Perfect (2012)

So the last decade was all about cheering; hence, we had the Bring it On (2000) franchise, I guess we are now in the era of musical regionals and finals. At least this is the second pitch that came out in 2012; the last one I wrote was Joyful Noise (2012). I am surprised to see Anna […]

Joyful Noise (2012)

This is like a bowl of Campbell chicken noddle soup on a snowy night: warm, familiar, and soothing. In a nutshell, the songs are pop-gospel, and at times, quite uplifting. In essence, this is Glee (2009- now), Straight Talk (1992), Waiting to Exhale (1995), and High School Musical (2006) all mix together. Bernard Sparrow (Kris Kristofferson) is the choirmaster of his church in Pacashau, […]

Rock of Ages (2012)

This film will not work for you if you are a die-hard rock ‘n’ roller! Cause you will inevitably disqualified, dismissed, and simply diss all the legendary songs that are re-arranged, and perhaps worst, sung by A-list celebrities! That is called a preconceived failure, i.e., one has so strong belief that one cannot be persuaded. However, […]