Movie Review: Morgan (2016)

SKIP! Morgan (2016) was a failed project suffering the same ill-fate of the defunct L6 project in the film. The denouement ascertained my conclusion that this was nothing but a mishmash sci-fi film with no horrors, no thrills, and no mysteries. Instead, it was filled with morsels of other films in theme and actions. One of such films is […]

SKIP:Hunger Games:Mockingjay(Part II) 2015

First, I had no recollection of how part I ended, and secondly, with so many  YA franchises’ dystopian worlds, which I didn’t really care; I just wanted to watch how this one ended: have faith; Christian’s. In other words, heroic idealism as martyrdom, divine inspired heroism as Joan of Arc’s, or mere 21st century equality as […]

WATCH: Movie Review: Batman v Superman-Dawn of Justice (2016)

  Contains spoilers OK, enough! Go see it for yourself, and don’t trust others’ opinions. I almost missed out on a pretty good 3D film,  visually, story-wise, and performances, cause I had read and watched (youtube) so many negative things before I went today. To me a good film creates discourse, and I think it has […]

Movie Review: Supernova (2000)

In an era where we always crave for the newest things, we may have missed really good (worth watching) films that are simply oblivious to us. The one I found in my DVD stack was Supernova (2000).  Why is it more enjoyable to watch it now? – The actors. All of them are still in the industry, which […]

Movie Review: Interstellar(2014)

(Updated 01/04/2016)At the beginning, I thought it would be another visual-oriented space futuristic film, like last year’s Gravity(2013), heavy on technical visual effects, and short on dialogues. I was wrong. There were more dialogues and science lessons than anything else: physics, quantum mechanics, singularity, black hole, worm hole… I was glad I watched the whole […]

Movie Review: Predestination (2014)

Time travel movie? Not so fast, it was more complex than that. It will require you accepting the premises: Intersex, time travel and second chance love. The story may have come full circle, but I wonder if the basis of human biology used in the film would be possible? Otherwise, we will be running in circle. As […]

Double Bill Reviews: The Giver(2014) and The Maze Runner(2014)

Another two films based on YA fictions, as if there aren’t enough of them already. The Giver by Lois Lowry probably was the first “Young Adult” novel of this genre. Unfortunately, its adapted screenplay was twenty years too late, making it looked more like a copycat of others, instead the opposite is true. Hence, when watching subsequent films the likes of The Hunger Games(2014), […]