Movie Review: Split (2016)

WATCH!  DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder) or MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder) was the premise of this film, and the trailers were clear about that. But was it really? or there could be more? Perhaps… There weren’t anything we hadn’t seen before here: kidnap, teenagers and their perky bosoms, short skirts, and isolation. At least three were better than Ma(Brie Larson) in Room(2015). So […]

Movie Review: Lazy Eye (2016)

WATCH!“I wanted to tell a story from the perspective of the post-marriage equality world we are living in, but one in which the obstacle in the film was not the characters’ sexual orientation.”  –Director, Tim Kirkman. Lazy Eye was an unembellished film no one will have a problem empathizing with: been there, done that. Kirkman’s storytelling was natural, […]

WATCH: Movie Review: Batman v Superman-Dawn of Justice (2016)

  Contains spoilers OK, enough! Go see it for yourself, and don’t trust others’ opinions. I almost missed out on a pretty good 3D film,  visually, story-wise, and performances, cause I had read and watched (youtube) so many negative things before I went today. To me a good film creates discourse, and I think it has […]

Movie Review: Hail, Ceasar!

If you feel nostalgic with old Hollywood, this may be the movie for you.  A fictional version of That’s Entertainment(1974) with montages: kaleidoscopic synchronized swimming and tap dancing sailors, that defined Hollywood in the 50s and 60s. And they are very well done. We also have the colossal cast for the making of Hail, Caesar! that takes […]

Movie Review: Interstellar(2014)

(Updated 01/04/2016)At the beginning, I thought it would be another visual-oriented space futuristic film, like last year’s Gravity(2013), heavy on technical visual effects, and short on dialogues. I was wrong. There were more dialogues and science lessons than anything else: physics, quantum mechanics, singularity, black hole, worm hole… I was glad I watched the whole […]

Movie Review: Spectre (2015)

Have you ever been to a party with open bar, elegant decorations, expensive table prizes, gorgeous buffet, and a DJ who played all the hits you liked, then you went home, and thought: what was the extravaganza for? It sure looked like this was the last instalment of the 4-films franchise of Daniel Craig‘s 007, because pretty […]

Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

Gorgeous cinematography! Director, Ridley Scott, was the only reason I went to see this film. The story itself was quite linear, and we kind of know how it would probably end: live or die. The Martian was more plausible than Gravity (2013), cause it just had one leap too many. The science in The Martian made sense, so it could […]