Korean Wave[한류]: My Beautiful Bride [아름다운 나의 신부 ](2015)

This was nothing new, only now it has become a wave to be reckoned with. Korean films have been recognized many times of their originality, but also from their gruesomeness: 박찬욱Chan-wook Park‘s Old Boy [올드보이 ](2003), 봉준호Joon-ho Bong‘s The Host [괴물] (2006), …Both producers/directors/writers had taken a stab at American cinematography, however, either had been a major box-office […]

Movie Review: Kick Ass 2 (2013)

Barely scratched! I understand that Spiderman tagline, “with great power comes great responsibility”, but adhering to it makes it a movie dud. I just summarize the problem with this second part of the franchise. The film was just all over the place. Was Mindy Macready‘s  Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) the true superhero? or was it Kick-Ass, Dave Lizewski(Aaron Taylor-Johnson)? Who was whose side-kick? […]

My 2014 Golden Globe Awards Predictions: 5/11 👏👎👏👎👏👎👎👏👎👏👎

Best Motion Picture, Drama👎 12 Years a Slave Captain Phillips Gravity Philomena Rush Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama👎 Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) Sandra Bullock (Gravity) Judi Dench (Philomena) Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks) Kate Winslet (Labor Day) Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama✌️ Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) Idris Elba (Mandela: […]

Movie Review: The Burning Plain (2008)

It’s a good story, but something was lacking. Everything made perfect sense, including the psychology of Sylvia (Charlize Theron), yet there was something amissed. I hate to say it, but I believe Theron was mis-casted, not because of her acting, which was good, but because I had a hard time adjusting to the transition of a small […]

Hannibal (2013 TV)

NBC’s new TV series Hannibal is appealing (I take it back after episode 6: other than up-the-gruesome killing each week, there was nothing else to it; everyone looks depressed.)    I downloaded the first episode from iTunes, which is free. This episode is more about Special Agent Will Graham(Hugh Dancy) than Dr. Hannibal Lecter(Mads Mikkelsen). Will is a character […]

Oscar Predictions 2013 – I got 2/4 right

Academy Awards will be given out on Feb 24, and this is what I think: Best Picture: If the average voter age is more than 60, Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln (2012), should win. If it is 50, Ben Affleck‘s Argo (2012) has a very good chance of winning Oscar for Best Motion Picture, despite no nomination […]