Movie Review: The Skin I live In (2011)

Spanish director and writer, Pedro Almodóvar, always delivers something shocking in his films, or at least unexpected. His films not only have strong female characters, but also some are intertwined with gender issues. Perhaps you remember some of his more known works: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown(1988), Talk to Her(2002) , Bad Education(2004), Broken Embraces (2009) and his latest, I’m […]

A-B Movie Review: Killer Joe (2011)

Texan trailer-park family at its worst, but best for voyeuristic consumptions. Definitely not suitable for children, even some adult may find it repulsive. It may give you chill next time you order the family bucket deal at K Fry C. A dysfunctional family that its members are at least honest with each other!  The son constantly […]

Movie Review: The Details(2011)

Laura Linney(Lila) brought crazy spinster neighbour to a new screaming high!  How could the life of a young, smart, doctor, Jeff Lang(Tobey Maguire)  with a young family get into so much trouble? Apparently he could, single-handedly. It started off with his backyard racoon problems, and a serious dry spell with his wife, Nealy Lang(Elizabeth Banks).Things were up and […]

Movie Review: The Intouchables (2011)

Mr. Doolittle? Fortunately, this film kept it real, with no sprinkle of sparkles, swirls of air and dust, nor levitation with a beam of silver light; none of those fairy-tale transformations, which included Driss(Omar Sy) and his street talks, i.e., he didn’t end up speaking like an Aristocrat. I hated it when I watched it, partly, two years ago, […]

Movie Review: W./E.(2011)

 Madonna‘s fairly tale incarnated via the life of Wallis Simpson(Andrea Riseborough) and Prince of Wales, abdicated King Edward VIII (James D’Arcy), in haute mode. Watching this was like flipping through a Vogue, Architectural Digest, a Cartier catalogue,… just as often, no one pays attention to the articles however well-written they are within those glossy pages. In […]