WATCH: The Hunt (2012)

Let me start off saying, ” nothing happens in a vacuum.” Before you cast stones, think if it makes sense. Unfortunately today’s civil society, most judge first and think later, or not thinking at all. The Hunt was based on this premise of judging first, and the story peeled off the unnerving consequences of an innocence […]

Movie Review: Cleanskin (2012)

I wonder why Sean Bean has always played second fiddle, and never a lead, despite his good look, manliness, and strong physique. So I was delighted to find this film, but yet he was still in a supporting role. So don’t let the trailer fools you, cause it was selling the film as one of the classified […]

Movie Review: The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)

This was a Quentin Tarantino presented film, i.e., with his seal of approval. The director/actor was RZA, credited mostly for his song writings. Since he wrote, and directed this film, naturally he played the main actor, “Blacksmith“, or aka the man with the iron fists. The title was pretty clear that he would have two iron fists at the […]

Movie Review: Hitchcock(2012)

Splendid, marvelous, delightful.  I have watched a lot of biopics lately, it must be a trend. Among all of them, Hitchcock was the only one that was gripping enough. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren kept it interesting. Unfortunately these that didn’t make my review had one common problem: none of them interested me enough to sit the […]

Movie Review: À Bout Portant /Point Blank (2012)

Go for the thrills like riding in a rollercoaster and forget about the mechanics of how it works. French director and writer’s name, Fred Cavayé, will probably ring a bell if you have seen the US adaptation of his hit French movie,  Pour Elle/Anything for Her(2008),  The Next Three Days(2010) with Russell Crowe  in the lead role. A Bout Portant […]

Movie Review: Les Infidèles (2012) / The Players (2014)

Balanced sketches of those must cheat in their relationships. Other than making this just one big farce about infidelity, this had eight sketches knitted successfully together, some explored how pathetic their actions could be,  others the danger they might run into, and most just downright funny. This was a project of Jean Dujardin (Oscar winner- The Artist), Gilles Lellouche, […]

Movie Review: Incendies(2012)

The ending will scorch into your mind; no escape. Oscar nominated Best Foreign Film in 2011, by director, Denis Villeneuve, told a story of a young woman, lover, mother, prisoner, in her war-torn country because of power and religious differences. The difference here was it started out as a quest, one for the twin daughter, and one […]