Movie Review: Erased (2013)

Aaron Eckhart must be working hard to show his readiness for weekend opening’s lead, but so far, luck was not on his side. Erased(2013) was exceptionally bad. They sold me with its trailer! It looked interesting with elements of The Bourne Identity(2002) : someone is trying to kill a ex-CIA; Taken(2008) : going after his kidnapped daughter. It had actions, thriller written all over it, and […]

Movie Review: The English Teacher (2013)

Another Julianne Moore’s film, but this one got silly really fast. That’s why it was kinda under the radar when it was out… Since this was a lacklustre film similar to another of the same genre, but funnier: In & Out (1997), I shall keep this short. A small town English teacher, Linda Sinclair, thoroughly admired by her students, but […]

Movie Review: Les Beaux Jours (2013)

Does it mean looking back at the good days or ahead? I am glad it was the latter, it means the film kept melodrama to minimal: no reminiscence. I spoke of Blue is the Warmest Color (2014), a film about coming-of -age, sexual awakening, of a 18 year-old girl. On other end, we have a film of […]

Biology of Xenomorph in Alien: an attempt

If you are reading this and read my three posts on Prometheus (2012) you know that I am obsessed, a little, with the franchise, which brings me to write another postmortem, but this time focuses more  on the biology of the xenomorph. Evolution is about survival of the fittest as Darwin proclaimed, as such, mass reproduction will guarantee […]

Movie Review: Love Me(2013)

(DVD on sales February 24th) Another film about love at first sight, but this one was certainly a first for me:a Turkish guy and a Ukrainian gal. The directors are Maryna Gorbach, Mehmet Bahadir Er, and the film was a collaboration between Turkey and Ukraine.  Kyiv was the location; it was winter, and white snow covered the city. The photography […]

Movie Review: Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

La vie d’Adèle  chapîtres 1 et 2 is adopted from the graphic novel Le bleu est une couleur chaude by Julie Maroh; that’s why the English’s title, perhaps. This film was almost three hours in length, it went through the life of Adèle from 15 to 21 or 22… hence, the title: chapter 1 and 2, like in a novel. […]

Movie Review: Snowpiercer(2013)

A not so ordinary post-apocalyptic world that brightness of sun reflection off the landscape of snow could have blinded anyone. The survived humans were now in a perpetual running train traversing round the world in circle. The train was the only existing self-sustaining ecosystem for humans. Unfortunately in this closed system, classicism persisted: rich and poor. The […]