Movie Review: The Invitation (2015)

SKIP! Source: IMDb While we may prefer a film using deduction to develop its narrative, The Invitation used induction instead. Where one would write the ending first and worked backwards to conjure a story. Hence, only the last zoomed out scene mattered. But, the end didn’t justify the means, and our lost minutes. For one, none […]

MUST WATCH:Mommy (2014)

This will definitely become an art-house classic! The film was surprisingly well thought out; It posed a lot of moral, societal, and familial questions. Wunderkind director Xavier Dolan did not present the film in the usual full-screen; instead, it had two permanent black bars one on either side.  It resembled watching a movie filmed by a smartphone in portrait mode, […]

Movie Review: Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

This was rubbish. One would cringe at its stereotypical depictions of foreign cultures: high-price call girl, sweet potatoes, and beaches. Simon Pegg could not take his character seriously, cause he wanted Hector to be funny but serious. Obviously, it didn’t work. Rosamund Pike played Hector’s girlfriend, Clara. Unfortunately, Pegg and Pike didn’t transcend us to believe that they are a couple. At […]

Movie Review: Kingsman (2014)

Kingsman was one of those that most missed out, likely from fatigue of yet another YA spy movie: Agent Cody Banks(2003), Nancy Drew(2007),…or just being one more Young Adult film! It was also released at the height of awards season, where most were getting in line to see nominated films, no doubts. But not all is lost, thanks to […]

Movie Review: Interstellar(2014)

(Updated 01/04/2016)At the beginning, I thought it would be another visual-oriented space futuristic film, like last year’s Gravity(2013), heavy on technical visual effects, and short on dialogues. I was wrong. There were more dialogues and science lessons than anything else: physics, quantum mechanics, singularity, black hole, worm hole… I was glad I watched the whole […]

Movie Review: Maps to the Stars (2014)

Julianne Moore is definitely the most under-rated, and Academy snubbed actor in Hollywood, why? She takes on daring roles and aces them, and yet… Let’s see: Boogie Nights(1997) – a junkie; Magnolia(1999) – a neurotic wife; Far from Heaven(2002) – a 50’s housewife deals with a closeted husband, and in love with a black caretaker; A Single Man(2009) – a […]