Movie Review: Knock Knock (2016)

SKIP! Knock knock! who’s there? Two young girls soaking wet coming in from pouring rain at your house’s threshold, do you let them in to dry up? Evan(Keanu Reeves) had to make a split second choice, and he did after much hesitation. So he let them, Genesis(Lorenza Izzo) and Bell( Ana de Armas) in, and it was game over, a total KO. All […]

Movie Review: The Invitation (2015)

SKIP! Source: IMDb While we may prefer a film using deduction to develop its narrative, The Invitation used induction instead. Where one would write the ending first and worked backwards to conjure a story. Hence, only the last zoomed out scene mattered. But, the end didn’t justify the means, and our lost minutes. For one, none […]

Movie Review: The Lobster (2015)

WATCH! Most reviews had warned of the weirdness of this film, au contraire it whetted my appetite cause I have never seen a film like this before: performance, sound and humour. So how does “The Lobster” relate to the story: it does. That’s for you to find out. Doesn’t it sound fun, but weird already? The story took place in […]

WATCH: Sicario (2015)

  A SWAT team raided a shed full of corpses buried inside dry walls. Kate Macer(Emily Blunt) the team leader deployed for hostages rescue. It ended with two dead team members when a wired bomb exploded. Kate and partner, Reggie Wayne(Daniel Kaluuya) were summoned to headquarter for debriefing, except they were sitting outside a sound-proofed glass […]

SKIP:Hunger Games:Mockingjay(Part II) 2015

First, I had no recollection of how part I ended, and secondly, with so many  YA franchises’ dystopian worlds, which I didn’t really care; I just wanted to watch how this one ended: have faith; Christian’s. In other words, heroic idealism as martyrdom, divine inspired heroism as Joan of Arc’s, or mere 21st century equality as […]

WATCH: The Intern(2015)

Fortunately this wasn’t  a copycat of that awful The Internship (2013)! well a bit: workplace for millennial. The Intern (2015) is a well-balanced chick flick that has its moments. Blessed with a strong cast and performances, this film was a pleasant surprise, and enjoyable to watch. Robert De Niro‘s Ben was so good that there was no trace […]

Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

Finally I watched 2015 summer blockbuster, Jurassic World(2015). The re-boot of the franchise Jurassic Park(1993) being the first and the most memorable. I went to see the 20th anniversary 3D remastered in 2013, and I liked it a lot. Back then I said the 3D effects were worth the ticket price. It should be the same for Jurassic World, cause […]