Movie Review: The Innocents (1961)

Not being nostalgic, but this movie classic is definitely scarier than any numbing gut drenching slasher films of today’s. A black and white, cinemascope (first 2.4: 1), film that demanded technical skills of light controls, camera works, and music co-ordination: no CGI, no handheld dizzy cam, no projectiles (lamps, china, books…), …   Despite only […]

Movie Review: Taxi Driver(1976)

The quintessential American classic that everyone must watch! Robert De Niro is no doubt the greatest, and surprisingly, Jodie Foster is also mesmerizing! And it was almost 40 year-old. I believe a lot of movies have its DNA: Drive(2011), The Machinist (2004)…I am glad that I watched it finally. I didn’t before because I heard it was very violent, but in […]

Movie Review: Belle de Jour (1967)

Surreal, avant-garde, pornographic fantasies and reality submerge in Deneuve’s engima. If you get the Criterion edition of this film, you will get all the information about the surrealist director,  Luis Buñuel ; the supplement even gives a feminist perspective of the film that it was about female liberation, except in the extreme form of masochism. This was 1967. Imagine! […]

12 Angry Men (1957)

This is certainly a classic drama that pre-dates any that we have seen since then, and it is still relevant. Although today’s jury will compose of both genders, the disagreements and agreements are sure to be just as lively, intense, and heated. 12 angry men, 12 psychological profiles, and you will watch them(again, perhaps) while […]

Gone with the Wind (1939)

I saw it once in the glorious Eglinton Theater,Toronto, Canada, in its full 70mm screen, it was a re-distribution at one of its anniversaries. Since then, and before, I have watched it many, many times, even the annual re-broadcast on TV during New Year. Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) was perfectly cast and so was Rhett […]