More Watch It or Skip It !

  1. April Fools/エイプリルフールズ(Japan-2015):watch…chaotic love comedy.
  2. The Classified File/극비수사(Korea-2015):watch…typical kidnapping, and corrupted cops, but nice to from another cultural POV.
  3. Till Death Do Us What?/夫婦フーフー日記 (Japan-2015)watch…a funny comedy about a ghost hanging around her living husband.
  4. Dior and I(2014):watch…an insider look of an haute couture atelier and money is no objection!
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road(2015):watch…Tom Hardy!
  6. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2(2015):skip…good for Kevin James and his pocket.
  7. Boy Choir(2014):skip…too predictable.
  8. I will follow you down(2013):watch…some logical flaws, but interesting ethical questions raised.
  9. The Signal(2014):watch…original concept! but Brenton Thwaites was too one-dimensional (let me out of here!)
  10. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel(2015):skip…don’t bother.
  11. The Jeffrey Dahmer file(2012): watch…re-enact crime documentary, with actual detective, Pat Kennedy, as narrator.
  12. Y Tu Mama Tambien(2001):watch…get the Criterion version, and watch Alfonso Cuarón(Gravity – Best Director) documentary about making the film. Very interesting ending! It’s about liberation.
  13. The Housemaid(Korea-2010):watch…If made in America, it would get a “R” rating: sexual content, and violence. South Korean films are daring, sometimes, like nothing you have seen before.
  14. Wing of Desire(German-1987):watch…fallen angels.
  15. The November Man(2014):skip…Pierce Brosnan is 007! just that the film couldn’t label him that…
  16. A Haunted House(2013):watch…watchable parody
  17. Donnie Darko(2001):watch…truly, a classic cult movie.
  18. The Age of Adaline(2015):skip…Beauty Hollow.
  19. Pitch Perfect 2(2015):skip…lost steam.
  20. Cinderella(2015):skip…Cate Blanchett stole the film.
  21. It Follows(2014):watch…may quench your curiosity, the film claimed to be the sleeper of summer 2015.
  22. Insurgent(2015):skip…took another 2 hours to prove Tris (Shailene Woodley) was super Divergent, scientifcally.
  23. The Expendables 3(2014):watch…old guys vs. new guys added a girl, Ronda Rousey(fallen UFC champ – match Nov 12, 2015)
  24. Avengers: Age of Ultron(2015):skip…forgettable. New characters Scarlet Witch(Elizabeth Olsen) & Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are more suitable for X-Men.
  25. The Drop(2104):watch…another great one of Tom Hardy‘s. Quiet but deadly!
  26. Planes: Fire and Rescue(2014)skip… boring sequel.
  27. Locke(2013)watch…Tom Hardy‘s one man show! everything happened remotely. 
  28. John Wick (2013)watch…bland face Keanu Reeves kills again! “Gun-Fu” was great.
  29. Love is in the Air/ Amour et Turbulences  (France- 2013): watch…French rom-com.
  30. Secretly, Greatly (Korea-2013): watch…interesting comedy about North Korean spies in South Korea.
  31. The Guest(2014): watch…creepy facial expressions say it all. Dan Stevens( Matthew, Downton Abbey)
  32. And So it Goes(2014):skip…it’s for grandparents dying to get another grandkids.
  33. El Cantante(2006):skip…Just Lopez and Anthony sang
  34. Rio 2(2014)skip…it looked nice, but really for kids under 6.
  35. The Legend of Hercules:skip…
  36. I, Frankenstein(2014):watch…it was not as bad as most said.
  37. Crossing Over(2009):skip…even though appropriate for the current immigrant issue.
  38. Skyline(2010):skip…another alien invaded earth film.
  39. Earth to Echo(2014):skip…movie made like documentary; a kid film for sure.
  40. Frankie & Alice(2010):watch…it did get silly towards the end.
  41. Snitch(2013):watch…I am impressed with Dwayne Johnson, he didn’t play an unbeatable muscle guy here; he was showing his emotional range.  
  42. The Immigrant(2013):watch…nice period piece.
  43. My Own Private Idaho(1991):watch…River Phoenix.
  44. The Wind Rises(2013)skip…not for me.
  45. Boys of Abu Ghraib(2014):skip…unless you want to watch a cinematic representation of  the prisoners’ treatments in the Iraqi war.
  46. Guardians of the Galaxy(2014):watch…definitely, one of the best movies in 2014.
  47. Grand Piano(2013):watch…quite interesting thriller.
  48. Brick Mansions(2014):skip…corrupted government, undercover,…same old.
  49. Deepsea Challenge(2014):watch…quite educational “the real abyss”
  50. The Single Moms Club(2014):skip…
  51. This is Where I Leave You(2014):skip…another dysfunctional family tale.
  52. X-men Days of Future Past (2014): watch…I like it. Again, Wolverin has a lot of scenes?!
  53. Qu’est ce qu’on a Fait au Bon Dieu? (2013): watch… how French deals with multiculturalism, and the soon extinction of pure Catholic caucasian French.
  54. Fading Gigolo(2013): watch… likable.
  55. The Last Metro(1980): skip…the interviews in the Criterion dvds are more interesting. It’s about Nazi occupation in France.
  56. Maleficent(2014) watch...Angelina Jolie is the movie! 
  57. Let’s Be Cop(2014) skip...beyond plausible.
  58. Bad Words(2014): skip…only you think an adult swearing constantly at a teenager (11) is funny stuff. I don’t care the lame reasons for his behaviour.
  59. Noah(2014): watch…if you like Russell Crowe and Emma Watson?! they are the ones that carries the whole movie. Jennifer Connelly only gives us a sour face in all scenes. 
  60. Hercules (2014): skip…typical Dwayne Johnson‘s flick! Scorpion King (2002) remember?! 
  61. Sin City: A Dame to Kill for(2014): watch… definitely better than the second one, as good as the first instalment.
  62. The Machine(2013): watch…a decent small budget sci-fi.
  63. Fed Up(2014): skip … we have seen the topic being discussed on TV many many times.
  64. The Mechanic(2011)watch…probably one of the few movies with a plausible story, and had Statham in it. The other one was Transporter (2002). Having said that though I did watch a lot of his no-brainer films.
  65. Monster University(2013)watch…the prequel to Monsters, Inc. (2001), which was original and much better. Mirren’s Dean Hardscrabble stole the scenes.
  66. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2(2013)watch…the animation was quite good.
  67. Enough Said(2013)watch…story was good. I liked Gandolfini, except Dreyfus sometime slipped back into her TV characters: Elaine, and Christine.
  68. Despicable Me 2(2013)watch…I quite enjoyed this cartoon franchise.
  69. The Fault in Our Stars(2014)skip…this was really for the romantics.
  70. Lone Survivor(2014)watch…I really liked this film. Four soldiers fought against an army of Taliban fighters. Realistic and heart-wrenching.
  71. Labour Day(2013)skip…unless you believe, in reality, a divorced woman in the 80s will allow a convict to stay in her house, falls in love in 5 days, and waits 25 years to be reunited!
  72. Les garçons et Guillaume à table(2013)skip…a guy idolizes her mom, and every member of the family suspect he is gay, a girl wakes him to acknowledge that he is in fact heterosexual. I had trouble accepting the premise of this film.
  73. Girl Most Likely(2012)skip…an adult child finds her way and rekindles with her family. Seriously, it takes her 10 years to figure out her friends are fake!
  74. Pompeii(2014)skip…save your time, you are not going to miss much.
  75. The Monuments Men(2014)skip…Hollywood-ed! I’d rather watch it on History Channel, if there is a documentary about the real people who saved the arts.
  76. Veronica Mars(2014)watch…it will be much better experience if you had been a loyal fan of the TV series.
  77. Frances Ha(2012)skip…aimless Millennial finding her way.
  78. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone(2013)skip…not funny at all.
  79. The Wolf of Wall Street(2013)watch…it’s too long, I got the story after mid first-act.
  80. Small Time(2014)watch…I can relate to the story.
  81. 12 Years a Slave(2013)watch…it was too inhuman for me to watch.
  82. The Smurfs 2 (2013)watch…I like smurfs.
  83. Kill Your Darlings(2013)skip…another biopic of people I didn’t know; Daniel Radcliffe‘s Allen, didn’t convince me to watch the full thing.
  84. Cosmopolis(2012): skip…either too poetic for a layperson to understand, or just WTF!
  85. JackRyan:Shadow Recruit (2014)skip…pretty much a film made by and for Kenneth Branagh
  86. Paranoia(2013)skip…a story full of holes.
  87. Rush(2013)watch…great performance from Daniel Brühl as Nicki Lauda.
  88. Coriolanus(2011)skip…unless you are a true Shakespeare fan.
  89. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug(2013)skip…same old, and there was drAgon.
  90. At Middleton(2013)watch…unhappy married people trying to reclaim their youthful existence. Amazing duet scene between Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga.
  91. Arbitrage(2012)skip…Richard Gere in his usual deck-up suits, doing his gigolo walks; other than that the story of a corrupted, bankrucpted, and manipulative rich man and his family.    
  92. Lockout(2012)watch…the outerspace shots were well done. Silly story, but do give Guy Pearce a chance as an action hero.
  93. Gangster Squad(2013)skip…Sean Penn‘s version of Godfather. Good looking sets and actors, nothing more. 
  94. The Guilt Trip(2012)skip…same old Barbra Streisand with super tamed Seth Rogen. No penis jokes with this one. 
  95. Diana(2013)skip…Despite Naomi Watts‘s effort to make it look genuine, it didn’t.
  96. The Impossible(2012)watch…a very real depiction of what happened, great actors.
  97. Rushmore (1998)skip…despite my recent raving of Anderson’s films, I didn’t like its charm as much. Jason Schwartzman was so young as the lead.
  98. Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters(2013)skip…not cute,nor enchanting.
  99. Jewtopia(2012)skip…not LOL!
  100. Side-by-Side(2012)watch…a discussion about film and digital production. It is like books vs. ebook.
  101. Replusion(1965)skip…avant-garde at the time it was shown I bet, but it’s a bit rough watching it now… can’t really understand Carol’s psychie. Directed by  Roman Polanskihis first American film debut. 
  102. 20 Feet from Stardom(2013)watch… one of those background stories that should be told, and there it is.
  103. Thérèse Desqueyroux(2012)skip…based on famous novel byFrançois Mauriac; only if you have read it.
  104. Winnie Mandela(2011)watch…not for me, but Jennifer Hudson was great in it.
  105. Mères et filles/Hidden Diary(2009)skip…as the French would call it,”melodrame”.
  106. Louis Cyr(2013)skip…unless you are interested in finding out more about Cyr: the strongest man at the end of 19 th century.
  107. Nebraska(2013)watch…if you like story of a really small Midwest town and the folks who still live there.
  108. The Infidel(2011)skip…funny up to a certain point.
  109. 3:10 to Yuma(2007)skip…guess I really don’t like Western, however appealing the actors were.
  110. Betty and Coretta(2013)skip…political story between the wives of Luther King. Jr and X.
  111. Barrymore(2013)skip…if you want to watch the stage play on DVD.
  112. Steel Magnolias(2013)skip…remade of the 1989 version, all black cast.
  113. Brüno(2009)skip…just skip it.
  114. L’âge des ténèbres(2007)watch…middle age, dead-end job, status of living and working Quèbec.
  115. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones(2013)skip…WTF.
  116. Season of the Witch(2011)watch…devil, possession,crusade,black plague.
  117. Anna Karenina(2012)skip…unusual theatrical treatments, but just not my cup of tea.
  118. Dorian Gray(2009)skip… to slow for me, nothing to grip onto either.
  119. Munich(2005)watch…if you like political films… me, not so much, though respect the sad event happened at the 72 Munich’s Olympic.
  120. Bachelorette(2013)skip…waste of Rebel Wilson’s talents. Just sad and bad.
  121. Magic Man(2010)skip…no magic could have rescue this B-movie.
  122. Leap Year(2010)skip…predictable and boring; even Lucky Charm couldn’t help.
  123. The Backup Plan (2010)skip…it fell apart after 45 minutes. 
  124. The Singing Detective(2003) skip… the transitions were awful.
  125. Infected (2008) watch…not the best sci-fi, but the actors drew me to it: Bellows, Nelson, and Rossellini.
  126. We Bought a Zoo (2011) skip… Based on true story…it’s a family flic.
  127. The Last Song (2011) skip… It lost me at Cyrus!
  128. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) skip…
  129. Straight A’s (2013) skip…bad thing happened to rich people.
  130. Takers (2010) skip… 
  131. Ip Man 2(2010) skip…typical Kung Fu stuff; Good guys vs Bad ones.
  132. The Three Musketeers (2011) skip…Pirate ships in the sky-WHATEVER.
  133. The Day of the Triffids (2009 BBC)skip…yawning bad.
  134. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (2010) skip…only thing worths watching Alyssa Milano.
  135. The Place beyond the Pines (2013)skip…good actors, esp. Ryan Gosling. Too dark for me.  
  136. First Position (2011) watch … good documentary about breaking into ballets at a young age.
  137. So Undercover (2012) skip…looks like a script for Amanda Bynes, instead we have Miley Cyrus.
  138. Little Fockers (2010) skip… fewer scenes of Jack and Greg the better! but it’s not.
  139. Lincoln (2013) skip…no patient to watch the whole thing. For the part I watched, I still think this was better than Argo (2012) for it to snap the Oscar.
  140. Mildred Pierce (TV- 2012) skip…I don’t like the story( I know it was based on the famous novel of same name)
  141. Drop Dead Diva (Season 4 – 2013) watch… kind of the idea of Legally Blonde (2001) + Freaky Friday (2003)
  142. Ruby Sparks (2012) skip…a twenty something version of Stranger than Fiction (2006)
  143. The Perks of Being A Wallflower (2012) watch… not your typical high school teens drama. Twist is at the very end!
  144. ParaNorman (2012) watch… it’s okay
  145. The Three Stooges (2012) watch…for old-time sake
  146. The Change-up (2011) skip… the point of the story was?! didn’t get it.
  147. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) watch… if you like Richard Gere.
  148. Evil Dead (2013) skip… I thought it was a combo of  comedy and horror. Not here.
  149. Stan Helsing (2009) skip…
  150. Peace, Love & Understanding (2011) watch… if you like Jane Fonda.
  151. Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)watch…a kid’s tale
  152. Haywire (2011)skip…
  153. Our Idiot Brother(2011)skip…overall it was okay, poor Ned(Paul Rudd) surrounded by all those women.
  154. Taken 2 (2012) skip…too many body counts for me! I know the message revenge never ends…but was it necessary?!
  155. 21 (2008) – skip…I liked the first half, then it deteriorated to the usual “I am the smartest” story.
  156. Wreck-It Ralph skip… usually I like animation, can’t get into this one at all, even though I could refer to all the game characters. Story is a bit Cinderella and Wizard of Oz, and big arms.
  157. My Life in Ruins skip…unless you liked to see Greece as if you were on a tour bus!
  158. A Dangerous Method(2011) skip… it’s ok
  159. The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey (2013)skip… nothing’s exciting!
  160. Wanderlust (2012) skip…beyond terrible.
  161. American Reunion (2012) watch…I laughed and laughed; so good to see them all grown up! remarkable.
  162. Last Night (2010)skip…don’t really care about the characters !
  163. Catfish (2010) skip…that’s what this film is about.
  164. The American (2010) skip…interestingly European but American.
  165. The Jane Austen Book Club (2007): skip… this is a serious chick flick!
  166. Oklahoma (1997-TV musical): skip…not my cup of tea
  167. The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part 2: skip…I am glad this franchise was over; I kind of like the very first film, when the idea was fresh.
  168. The Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn Part 1: skip…nothing exciting about child-birth.
  169. Hugo (2011): skip for me unless you’d like to know about the life of Georges Méliès, and it took a while to tell us that. So there was nothing to do with the mechanic robot as it was marketed in the trailers!!!
  170. The Adventures of TinTin (2011): skip it is so life-like, it would have been better if it were cast with real actors. Otherwise, it is kinda boring.
  171. Battle:Los Angeles (2011):skip unless you like war-zone video games.
  172. Wrath of  the Titans (2012): skip and I thought Greek Gods were immortal
  173. Mulholland Dr. (2001): watch…just Because . Boobs, and girl-on-girl scenes, that’s all !
  174. The Wolfman (2010): skip Big full moon, howling, transformation, silver bullet… seen it
  175. Despicable Me (2010): watch just enough saccharine
  176. The Grey (2011): skip grim and nothing to look forward to.
  177. Ai WeiWei– Never Story (2012) watch interesting documentary looking at the political stand of  China.
  178. The Legend of Awesomest Maximus (2011) skip not as funny as Meet the Spartan (2008), it just ladles with gross sex jokes, and naked women. The Trojan horse is a big penis!
  179. The Lorax (2012) watch good story and great colourful animation
  180. Factory Girl (2006) watch superficial but interesting to watch
  181. Premium Rush (2012) skip 
  182. Talk the Waltz (2011) watch
  183. Route Irish (2010) watch
  184. The Last Mimzy (2007) watch  Rhiannon Leigh Wryn is adorable as Emma. The story is about humans last hope in the future to survive.
  185. Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) skip 
  186. Easy A (2010) watch Emma Stone A+ here! so natural and likable.
  187. Slumgdog Millionaire (2008) – skip not my cup of tea
  188. Puss in Boots (2011)watch especially if you are cat lovers!
  189. Captain America The First Avenger (2011) – skip can’t get into the story
  190. The Campaign (2012) –watch great satirical comedy of US political system.
  191. Of Two Minds (TV 2012) – skip could have been a good movie to make people understand mental illness suffered by a family member, yet turning into a melodrama with all the cliches! It’s 2012, there is no excuse not having researched the illness before taking a sibling in and to weight the options! Husband in financial troubles and yet they live in a lake front two-storey cul-de-sac house?!
  192. Battleship (2012) – skip there are some good parts but overall terrible.
  193. Safe (2012) – watch no one is trustworthy! another possible franchise for Jason Statham. Good action movie!
  194. Enduring Love (2004) – watch if you read the book by Ian McEwan of same title. There is a gay scene between Daniel Craig and Rhys Ifans!
  195. Ted (2012) – watch it’s very funny and entertaining
  196. Winter’s  Bone (2010) – watch another big thumb up for Jennifer Lawrence’s performance. The culture of the Ozarks is very educational.
  197. The Air I Breathe (2007) – skip most reviews keep quoting being a Chinese proverb; Happiness, Pleasure, Sorrow and Love are part of life that’s all they mean.
  198. Frozen (2010) – skip  they have to blame themselves for the tragedy.
  199. Charlie Bartlett (2007)- watch could have been a prequel to Silver Linings Playbook(2012) regarding psychiatry and prescription drugs.
  200. Bloodrayne: The Third Reich (2010) – skip definitely
  201. The Lucky One (2012) – watch an obvious chick flick…
  202. Clash of the Titans (2010) – watch the makings of the film are worth watching on the blu-ray disc.
  203. The Amazing Spider-man (2012)watch much better than the last iteration. Thumbs up for Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone).
  204. Sparkle (2012) –watch  Whitney Houston’s last cinematic role…
  205. Something Borrowed (2011) – skip better than Brides War(2009), same kind of girlfriends theme. Best part is Ethan (John Krasinski)…wish he got the girl instead. Rest, like Darcy(Kate Hudson) puts it, “Whatever!”
  206. Contraband (2012) – skip
  207. The Muppets (2011)watch down memory lane, good musical!
  208. Five-year engagement (2012) – skip silliness and seriousness don’t mix!
  209. The Vow (2012) – skip it says it’s based on a true story …
  210. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – skip pick the word you like.
  211. A Single Man (2009) – watch!! Second look; Just as good as the first time!
  212. Silk (2007) – skip
  213. Limitless (2011) – watch Very imaginative…but what is the morale behind ?
  214. Percy Jackson & the Olympians:The Lightning Thief (2011) – watch It’s interesting; OK CGI
  215. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – watch Probably the second best of the franchise; it mixed actions with humour.
  216. Leaves of Grass (2009) – skip It is not bad, not great either. Edward Norton is under-rated.
  217. The Next Three Days (2010) – skip  It is a remake of a French movie, Pour Elle (2008). 
  218. Pina (2011) – watch if you like modern dance
  219. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) – watch a bit like CSI with all those slow motions anecdotal explanations.
  220. Margin Call (2011)- watch; great actors and fine acting from all of them! An inside view of a trade floor before the 2008 financial crisis happened.
  221. Guillver’s Travels(2010)- skip
  222. Beastly (2011) – watch I like it, yah, it’s sappy romance, why not once in a while!
  223. Burried (2010) – watch second half to the end is quite a thrill!
  224. The Ides of March (2011) – watch if you like Ryan Gosling
  225. BearCity2: The Proposal (2012) – watch
  226. Role Models (2008) – watch
  227. Smart People (2008) – watch
  228. Brides War (2009) – must skip
  229. 忘不了 (2003) – watch: if you like HK style tear-jerker
  230. 夜宴(Asia)/Legend of Black Scorpion (USA) (2006)- watch: fightings morph into ballets
  231. From Prada to Nada (2011) – skip
  232. The Help (2011) – watch
  233. Barry Munday (2010) – skip
  234. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011) – watch
  235. Cowboys and Aliens (2011) – skip
  236. Immortals (2011) – watch
  237. Meet the Spartans (2008) – definitely watch!
  238. Fish Tank (2009) – skip
  239. Step up 3 – the dance parts are quite good; watchable
  240. The Company Men (2011) – skip
  241. Burlesque (2010)- watch; PG Showgirls!
  242. The Young Victoria (2009) -if you like period piece; watch
  243. Bonneville (2006) – skip
  244. Bella (2006) – skip, won TIFF people’s choice award
  245. The Scorpion King 3 (2012) – skip
  246. Forget Me Not (2010) – watch
  247. White Irish Drinkers (2010) – skip
  248. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassusskip
  249. In the loop- watch; British humours
  250. 17 again (2009) – skip
  251. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ? watch – it’s a classic
  252. Green Lantern (2011) – skip
  253. Breaking Dawn (I) (2011) – skip
  254. Cairo Time (2009) – skip
  255. The Good Night (2007) – skip
  256. Flashbacks of a Fool (2008) – skip
  257. 50/50 (2011) –skip
  258. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) – skip
  259. The Rum Diary (2011) – skip
  260. Footloose (2011) – skip
  261. W (2008) – skip
  262. Inglorious Basterds – watch
  263. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) – skip
  264. The Green Hornet (2011) – skip
  265. Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) – skip
  266. Source code (2011) – watch
  267. I Am Love (2009) – watch
  268. The Putt Putt Syndrome (2010) – skip
  269. The King’s Speech (2010) – watch if you like biopic
  270. Klute (1971) – watch if you are interested Jane Fonda‘s first Academy Awards role
  271. On Golden Pond (1981) – watch if you are interested Jane Fonda’s nominated Academy Awards role
  272. 9 to 5 (1982) – watch
  273. Horrible Bosses (2011) – watch
  274. Letter to Juliet (2010) – watch
  275. It’s Complicated (2009)- watch
  276. Nine (2009) –skip
  277. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Sweden-2009) – watch
  278. The Girl Who Played with Fire ( Sweden – 2009) watch
  279. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet Nest (Sweden -2009) – watch
  280. Salt (2010) – watch
  281. Unstoppable (2010) – watch
  282. Black Swan (2010) watch
  283. The Social Network (2010) – skip
  284. Broken Embraces Los abrazos rotosskip
  285. Shutter Island (2010) – skip
  286. Due Date (2010) – skip
  287. Valentine’s Day (2010) –skip
  288. Kick-Ass (2010) watch
  289. Tron- Legacy (2010) – skip
  290. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) watch
  291. Megamind (2010) watch
  292. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) watch
  293. R.E.D. (2010) watch
  294. The A-Team watch
  295. The International watch
  296. The Town – skip

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