SKIP! Dumb-ass: Life(2017)

What a waste of talent! A potentially great sci-fi alien film turned into a stupid growth-up scientists “slasher” film in space camp. Sure, in piecemeal there were some great scenes and there with enough tension to be on edge, sometimes, but there were far more head-scratching moments that you wanted to scream…Don’t do that, RUN! […]

Null & Void: Alien: Covenant (2017)

SKIP source:IMDb Such a let down from the previous post-modern existential film Prometheus! Perhaps, Ridley Scott wants to make this an amphibious Alien film: for its die-hard fans, and for a new generation of audiences. On the one hand he attracts fans waiting for a sequel to Prometheus, and on the other’s those seeing this film franchise […]

Prometheus IMAX 3D(2012) – Final Analysis

June 27, 2012 (update) Aliens new release in blu-ray was on sales for $9.99, and it had a $10 coupon to see Prometheus, and since I love Aliens, even though I have the video tape and the special DVD edition, I said why not… Second time around, this movie was awesome! I think because of […]


Alcoholic NYPD cop Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) suspended for shooting a civilian, and now is  living with his sister Angela Carson (Amy Smart), who is a day-shift bartender. Since his suspension, Ben has also been popping some prescription drugs for his anxiety, or depression perhaps? and he needs a job to supplement his family income? Wait, his wife, Amy Carson(Paula […]

Prometheus (2012): Analysis 1

** June 8, 2012: 1:50pm IMAX (Final Analysis!) ** Have always been a fan of the Alien Tetralogy, i.e., including Alien:Resurrection, and admittedly I like the AVP franchise too, I cannot wait to see Prometheus (2012) that claims to have the DNA of the first Alien (1979) film by Ridley Scott. So far I have […]