Watch: Mission Impossible: Fallout 3D

Cast: Mission Impossible 6: Fallout Is there anything new? Yes, the very first 3D production of a franchise that started in 1996. While I haven’t seen the IMAX version, the 3D’s got my seal of approval. It was well choreographed so as not easy to pick out any artificiality MI:6 is a sequel to 5’s; […]

Movie Review: Supernova (2000)

In an era where we always crave for the newest things, we may have missed really good (worth watching) films that are simply oblivious to us. The one I found in my DVD stack was Supernova (2000).  Why is it more enjoyable to watch it now? – The actors. All of them are still in the industry, which […]

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Gerard Butler has arrived, alas! If this film does not propel him to Bruce Willis‘s, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s or Sylvester Stallone‘s status, super-human-hero, then I don’t know what will? Well if he doesn’t then he can always go back and take on more heartthrob-hottie roles. I do hope people realize how talented and underrated he is, […]

This Means War (2012)

Treat the CIA stuff as background noise and the film is not half-bad. The bromance between FDR Foster(Chris Pine) and Tuck(Tom Hardy) is just not developed enough to make us LOL, in fact, at times, they are kind of awkward together: artificial, despite trying hard to be convincing. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain chemistry between […]