Wünderbar nicht! WonderWoman(2017)

WATCH! Source: IMDb Undeniably Gal Gabot owned the movie, she was everything we wanted to see in Wonder Woman. However, Chris Pine was struggling to side up to Gabot; he played Captain Trevor. In the movie Gabot and Pine, to me, just didn’t exceberate the je ne sais pas quoi. At times, I found Pine annoying to watch, this […]

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D (2013)

This is what a big blockbuster (didn’t happen on the opening 3.5 days weekend box office results) should be! The first 10 minutes was exhilarating and beautiful (colours: red, orange, white, yellow, vibrant). The next 10 philosophical, then it was back to actions, more thoughts, more actions, it just builds and builds, until it blows:orgasmic, joy, […]

This Means War (2012)

Treat the CIA stuff as background noise and the film is not half-bad. The bromance between FDR Foster(Chris Pine) and Tuck(Tom Hardy) is just not developed enough to make us LOL, in fact, at times, they are kind of awkward together: artificial, despite trying hard to be convincing. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain chemistry between […]

People Like Us (2012)

Without Chris Pine, this film is nothing… so to speak. [Spoiler alert] the tear-jerking moment is right at the very end. The cast: Sam (Chris Pine), Frankie (Elizabeth Banks), Josh (Michael Hall D’Addario) is Frankie’s son, Lillian (Michelle Pfeiffer) is the mom of Sam, and Hannah (Olivia Wilde) is Sam’s girlfriend. The story: Sam is in serious trouble, and his father, a legendary […]