WATCH! Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

  A somber and morbid film with eerie and pungent scores that suck you into a universe of despondent existence. Not only does Blade Runner 2049 seamlessly traverse from the original Blade Runner 2012, it also exacerbates the grimness of an ageing world where the city is only illuminated by gliding police aero-mobiles and colossal 3D and […]

Movie Review: Prisoners(2013)

It felt like reading a good suspense novel, but visually, and with the help of imagination. This was the third Denis Villeneuve‘s film I had watched in a short while: Incendies and Enemy, each one of them was just as good as the last one. Unlike the other two, this one didn’t have much orchestral work to support the […]

Movie Review: Enemy (2014)

Thought provoking cinematic and orchestral crescendo. I thought finding one’s genetic double should be a joyful event, cause instantly you would have a best friend, but on second thought, he could also be your worst enemy cause he would know all your weaknesses.  As Canadian director, Denis Villeneuve said at different interviews, his work was loosely based on […]

Movie Review: Incendies(2012)

The ending will scorch into your mind; no escape. Oscar nominated Best Foreign Film in 2011, by director, Denis Villeneuve, told a story of a young woman, lover, mother, prisoner, in her war-torn country because of power and religious differences. The difference here was it started out as a quest, one for the twin daughter, and one […]