Movie Review: The Crying Game (1992)

WATCH! The Crying Game is one of those film with a climatic snake-in-a-can moment that no one can unseen. Unfortunately, that shocking scene has pigeonholed the film. But, it spoke to a deeper allegory of human relationships and loyalty. On top, The Crying Game made Tammy Wynette relevant again with Stand by Your Man –  a gay mens’ anthem – used for its […]

A-B Movie Review: Catch.44 (2011)

Malin Akerman is Tes. A cocktail waitress of a strip joint in a really small town; one of those trucks make pitstop. She has two buddies, Kara(Nikki Reed– Twilight) and Dawn(Deborah Ann Woll – True Blood), they are kinda more like Mel’s Devils than Charlie’s Angels. Luckily they are still working for uncle Mel(Bruce Willis); they screwed up last […]