WATCH! Gemini: L’Amant Double (2017)

An enthralling, titillating and thrilling psychological drama that will have audience guessing to the very last minute, or gasping. The denouement, perhaps, is too orderly, but the journey is a kaleidoscope looking at a human mind, a veda-scope expanding views of sexuality and a microscope examining human developments. Et voilà, another puzzling piece written and directed by […]

Movie Review: Frantz(2016)

WATCH! Once again I was mesmerized with François Ozon’s creativity and originality; he took us to a small town in Germany after WWI was over. German’s antagonistic view of France and her français was apparent. Sons were killed. Anna’s (Paula Beer) fiancé – Frantz(Anton von Lucke) – was killed in the war, leaving Anna as a young grieving […]

Movie Preview: The New Girlfriend/Une Nouvelle Amie (François Ozon)

** Spoiler Alert ** WATCH!…Ozon’s films never disappoint. The movie will be released in November and I hope that you will have a chance to see it. I saw it at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and it was above my expectation. I read one horrible review the day before I went to see it, […]

Movie Review: Potiche (2010)

A beautiful vase in the early 70s transformed: title translated Trophy Wife. Suzanne Pujol(Catherine Deneuve) is a stay-at-home wife caters to every need her husband demands; she is content with her morning jog, talking to her pals in nature, and writes poems. Robert Pujol(Fabrice Luchini) took over Suzanne’s father family business that makes umbrellas (maybe to reprise the theme […]

@TIFF 2013: Jeune et Jolie (2013) Young and Beautiful

Another mille feuille (I should say onion, but the dessert is tastier and français)from French director, François Ozon. Last year, it was Dans La Maison (2012). Opening scene: Summer vacation in France. At the beach, behind binoculars lenses found young and beautiful teenager girl taking off her bra, fully exposed. In the bush, her younger […]

Dans la Maison (2012)/In the House

Il faut faire attention! et préparez-vous à transformer et à motiver en cherchant les résultats. Je suis un grand fan du réalisateur François OZON; il a commencé avec Swimming Pool (2003). Pour ses films, il s’agit toujours des mystères et des rébus ce que nous demandons d’en solver en accordant de nos thèories. C’est-à-dire faire […]