Watch: Mission Impossible: Fallout 3D

Cast: Mission Impossible 6: Fallout Is there anything new? Yes, the very first 3D production of a franchise that started in 1996. While I haven’t seen the IMAX version, the 3D’s got my seal of approval. It was well choreographed so as not easy to pick out any artificiality MI:6 is a sequel to 5’s; […]

WATCH: Movie Review: Batman v Superman-Dawn of Justice (2016)

  Contains spoilers OK, enough! Go see it for yourself, and don’t trust others’ opinions. I almost missed out on a pretty good 3D film,  visually, story-wise, and performances, cause I had read and watched (youtube) so many negative things before I went today. To me a good film creates discourse, and I think it has […]

Man of Steel (2013)

Wow, it’s Star Trek, it’s Thor, it’s Man of Steel: a 143-minute trailer. Massive destructions! Lois Lane(Amy Adams) was right on, there is a penis-measuring contest out there this spring, summer and fall of 2013, i.e., which film will claim supreme as the one with ultimate destruction power on humble earth. Poor humans, we looked and […]