WATCH! Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

  A somber and morbid film with eerie and pungent scores that suck you into a universe of despondent existence. Not only does Blade Runner 2049 seamlessly traverse from the original Blade Runner 2012, it also exacerbates the grimness of an ageing world where the city is only illuminated by gliding police aero-mobiles and colossal 3D and […]

Movie Review: Coldwater (2013) Toronto Carlton – Aug 22, 2014

Breaking Glass Pictures follows the success of 2013’s Geography Club with the release of their latest title, Coldwater, in theaters and on VOD August 22, 2014. Coldwater will be playing at Toronto’s Carlton Cinema and Kingsway Theatre. Coldwater was a fictional exposé of real abuses that happened in some of the juvenile rehabilitation facilities in America. Each State has as least two […]

#LarsAndTheRealGirl (2007)

One of the good reasons you want to see this film is because of Ryan Gosling, who plays Lars Lindstrom. And then just be an audience, and watches as the story unfolds. Now, if you could bear to see vampires sucking blood with glistening golden skin under the sun, so why not a story that […]

Fracture (2007)

I have this dvd sitting on my shelf for the longest time, and I never watched it for reasons unknown. So if you missed it like I did, you must find a way to see this! Very cerebral! I mean meticulous. Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) owns an aeronautical company. A meticulous engineer who always try to perfect, […]

Blue Valentine (2010)

It reads 88% with tomatometer. I agree on the level that this film is as raw as it gets. Meaning it actually could happen, or in fact is happening to lots of married, co-habiting, common-law couples. Dean (Ryan Gosling) has a good point that perhaps men are more romantic than women, i.e., they love based […]

Drive (2011)

Despite the violent scenes, all appropriate, and slow first half, all necessary, this is a must see movie. Why? Driver (Ryan Gosling) single-handedly took down the bad guys! with no remorse, no apparent fear, no plans, but just his justice for they had hurt the two people he cared. A very quiet, emotionless, stuntman driver […]