Watch: Mission Impossible: Fallout 3D

Cast: Mission Impossible 6: Fallout Is there anything new? Yes, the very first 3D production of a franchise that started in 1996. While I haven’t seen the IMAX version, the 3D’s got my seal of approval. It was well choreographed so as not easy to pick out any artificiality MI:6 is a sequel to 5’s; […]

SKIP! Dumb-ass: Life(2017)

What a waste of talent! A potentially great sci-fi alien film turned into a stupid growth-up scientists “slasher” film in space camp. Sure, in piecemeal there were some great scenes and there with enough tension to be on edge, sometimes, but there were far more head-scratching moments that you wanted to scream…Don’t do that, RUN! […]

Lesbianism? The Handmaiden (2016)

WATCH! Don’t confuse this with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (film and TV movie) even though it might sound similar. This is from the acclaimed South Korea’s director Park Chan-wook, whose best known film Old Boy (2003) is now a Hollywood’s remake that retains most of his trademark violence and gore. But if you are unfamiliar with Chan-wook’s accolades, […]

Movie Review: Predestination (2014)

Time travel movie? Not so fast, it was more complex than that. It will require you accepting the premises: Intersex, time travel and second chance love. The story may have come full circle, but I wonder if the basis of human biology used in the film would be possible? Otherwise, we will be running in circle. As […]

Movie Review: No Good Deed(2014)

Yep! It’s No Good “In” Deed.  [Spoiler Alert] If you have seem the trailer, you should have a basic understanding of what this is about. To be honest, that’s what made me decide to watch this, cause it looked promising with Idris Elba as Colin, and Taraji P. Henson as Terry. The plot had more holes than a […]

Movie Review: Gone Girl (2015)

The difference between reading a suspense thriller novel and watching its adopted film, as most will agree, is we create the monster(s) in our own head, and we scare ourselves out of our own wit. We reconstruct the monster based on the novelist narrative, descriptions of the killer, from head to toe. However, with a film, they […]