Watch: Mission Impossible: Fallout 3D

Cast: Mission Impossible 6: Fallout Is there anything new? Yes, the very first 3D production of a franchise that started in 1996. While I haven’t seen the IMAX version, the 3D’s got my seal of approval. It was well choreographed so as not easy to pick out any artificiality MI:6 is a sequel to 5’s; […]

SKIP! Gibberish: The Mummy (2017)

It was going really well until Jenny(Annabelle Wallis) showed up and from there it went down to the tomb! punk intended. If Vail(Jake Johnson ) and Nick(Tom Cruise) were left as the odd couple, it would have been so much better. True to Hollywood tradition, a heterosexual love relationship must be inserted, and especially for a summer blockbuster. […]

Movie Review: Jack Reacher-Never Go Back.

SKIP!   I’ll Never go back for sure! I doubt this franchise will survive, unless Jack Reacher goes back being a loner. Although there were numerous disputes about the fictional Reacher being a big beefy ex-military, Tom Cruise’s Reacher managed to pull a rabbit out the hat in Jack Reacher: One Shot (2012). It was exciting to […]

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

If you were, like me, sick and tired of overblown CGI effects, destruction of earth, superheroes and their superpower, you will have no objection with me saying Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation resurrects what actions film used to be: human actions. I couldn’t stop imagining Tom Cruise‘s cheeky face telling the other film makers, ” see… nothing!”  I am glad […]

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow(2014)

A video game without the use of a dual shock controller.  There were movie adaptations of video game that failed, and there were movies that made to feel like video games; Edge of  Tomorrow could have been made by one of the biggest video game production firms, it probably would not have made a difference: […]

Oblivion (2013)

Flawless? perhaps. Original? not so much. It is not one of those sci-fi films that you will say WTF  after watching, like Solaris (2002) or Beyond the Black Rainbow(2010); the story here is coherent, plausible, explainable and has an ending. Jack (Tom Cruise) narrates at the beginning that Earth was destroyed and he and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are the only humans […]