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source: IMDb

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A movie with an original concept that is logical, plausible and scientific(somewhat). Unlike most sci-fi films that involve extra-terrestrial , this one doesn’t paint a grim and dark picture. In fact, some scenes are pretty and colourful enough to suggest hopes. The film takes place in a celestial environment under a soap-film doom (The Shimmer), in it it is a cocktail of super fast evolution, where species are interbred, merged, and modified. And humans are no exception. Like cancer, mitosis is unstoppable and they become metastasis. The question asks is do we know the optimal function of RNA and in its DNA making? Can an “Entity”, or a neo-origin of life, redesign, upgrade, unlock more of our DNA sequences? Quadruple-helix, anyone?

The story starts off with Lena (Natalie Portman), John Hopkins biology professor, is still grieving the loss of her husband, Kane (Oscar Issac), after a year of either AWOL or LIA. Out of the blue, one day Kane shows up with signs of amnesia at the house; his internal organs start to fail, and is on life support in an isolated ward in Area X. Lena is also captured while they are en-route to an ER hospital, but ambushed.

Dr. Ventress is the head of the facility, she wants Lena to tell her how Kane returns home? Lena in a daze, medicated, and could not explain how and why Kane appears. Dr. Ventress starts to unfold the mystery behind Kane disappearance to Lena. She shows her a parameter enclosed in a doom, which they call the Shimmer.

A team is ready to enter the shimmer, when Lean volunteers so that she can find some answers and may be able to save Kane. Dr. Ventress (leader), Lena, Josie, Cass, and Anya step into the unknown, and try to get to incident zero, where it all started: a lighthouse by the coast.

As you follow them on their journey, things appeared to be in reality and things seemed to be drawing from hallucinations. The ending will have you rethink the whole premise of the film, and how it really ends. Did Lena and Kane live happily ever after? (spoiler – a small disappointment as to why it is always assumed heterozygote the fundamental law of biology? imagine the inefficiency of energy being dispensed.)